What's New at the VMI

09 Oct 1994: Sorry for lapse while writing book on the WWW! (Ralph, Will, Frank)
23 Jul 1994: Added original art by Steve Rooke
22 Jul 1994: Published the text of Michael Cohen's Senior Thesis (HTTP only)
27 Jun 1994: Euclid's Voyage, Rev. 2, first 4 chapters of text (no links yet)
24 Jun 1994: Added link to Euclid's Voyage, Rev. 2, with front matter
17 Jun 1994: Added link to Chaos' Greatest Hits, by Michael Lloyd Cohen (RA)
11 Jun 1994: Added link to Hypatia, by Rachel Rischpater and Kythoai Nguyen (RA)
04 Jun 1994: Added Information booth in the VMI Main Hall (Ralph)
01 Jun 1994: Created visual menu for top directory (VMI) It's way cool! (Ralph)
31 May 1994: Installed "imagemap" for hypergraphics (Will and Ralph)
28 May 1994: Batish Institute Archives greatly enlarged (Ashwin and Ralph)
27 May 1994: Euclid's Voyage, new pics in Navigator
25 May 1994: Euclid's Voyage, added Navigator (for HTTP only)
22 May 1994: Euclid's Voyage: added two color figures, What's New, bibliography
15 May 1884: Installed Related Sites/Batish Institute
08 May 1994: Installed Euclid's Voyage
01 May 1994: Installed GN server for the VMI
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