What is the Euclid Project?

The goal of the Euclid Project is to create and make available a multimedia edition of Euclid, including the classical dynapics of the Platonic Academy, as reconstructed from Euclid's text itself, to enable the restoration of Euclid to the school math program

What materials are being prepared?

There are three sets of materials in preparation:

Which are ready?

In first draft,

How can they be obtained?

All are freely available on the web, at

When will it be finished?

We hope that VCE will be published as a book, including VEE and the utlities on a companion CDROM. Meanwhile, they will remain freely available on the web, and a CDROM copy of the current state (as you see on the web) is available from the VMI.

What will they cost?

We anticipate $60 for the bok/CDROM package, but this will be up o the publisher. The draft CDROM will be sold by the VMI (a nonprofit) for ca $40.

What is the VMI?

The VMI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation set up by me in 1994, formerly an unofficial program of UCSC. Its goal is to further math, experimental dynamics, complex dynamics, and chaos theory, its applications and experiments.

How is it funded?

The VMI is funded by my lecture fees, consulting fees, book royalties, and from time to time, a small grant from an individual or agency.