About our software

The images and movies have been made with NetLogo, NetLogo 3D, and Unity 3D. The sounds have been made with MATLAB.


NetLogo is an ingrated programming environment for agent based modeling. The Editor, Graphical User Interface, and 2D Graphics Window, are combined in a single window. It is free, easily learnable, and ideal for the kind of research we are reporting in this gallery. It is capable of repeating simulations with parameters and recording the resulting 2D images as a movie.

NetLogo 3D

Identical to NetLogo except the Graphics Window is 3D.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is an integrated programming enviroment for interactive games. It is free and provides simple control of 3D objects such as cameras, lights, and solid shapes.


MATLAB is a full featured math research system. It is not free but there exists a free work-alike, Octave. We have used MATLAB to compute long trajectories and transform them into sound files for sonification of our iterations.

Revised 01 October 2015 by Ralph Abraham, <abraham@vismath.org>