Simulation of the daisyworld model

by Ralph Abraham,
and Chuck Stein,
This is a first draft of a simulation game, in the style of SimEarth, for the daisyworld model, as originally published in Andrew J. Watson and James E. Lovelock, "Biological homeostasis of the global environment: the parable of Daisyworld", Tellus (1983), 35B, 284-289. We will refer to this article as "WL". The math behind the model is discussed in WL and elsewhere, see our note: Daisy Math.

The simulation is a short script written in Tcl. To run it, you need a Tcl interpreter on your machine. This is Rev 02, which prints numbers to the screen. These may be displayed graphically with the aid of a Perl script by Chuck Stein. Instructions (and further improvements) will be added soon.

Download dw02.tcl, about 5K bytes.

Fancy simulations

Revised 11 May 2000 by Ralph Abraham, 05 Sep 2002