Exemplary Flames

From flock 165 of March -- October, 2004, with 6,380 sheep.
Many thanks to Spot for the images and caption.
Press [HERE] for a much larger (but scrollable) image.
dimension increases to the right,
rating increases to the bottom.

left column:
id=6867  rating=5  fdim0=1.47 fdim=1.48
id=5270  rating=10 fdim0=1.50 fdim=1.37
id=16904 rating=21 fdim0=1.40 fdim=1.32

middle column:
id=11253 rating=5  fdim0=1.73 fdim=1.72
id=10767 rating=10 fdim0=1.71 fdim=1.59
id=9903  rating=21 fdim0=1.73 fdim=1.75

right column:
id=11103 rating=5  fdim0=1.96 fdim=1.95
id=11115 rating=10 fdim0=1.98 fdim=1.97
id=6089  rating=20 fdim0=1.93 fdim=1.88

Revised 15 July 2005 by Ralph Abraham