A research and learning site for the Daisyworld model of Watson and Lovelock.

Contents, 2002

  • References
    Annotated lists of Websites, Books, and Articles
  • Birth of Daisyworld
    Discussion of the 1983 paper of Watson and Lovelock
  • Daisyworld simulations
    Study these programs and do your own research

  • New Material, 2007

    Following the Nobel prize for Al Gore and the IPCC, I gave a course on Daisyworld simulations at the Ross School, East Hampton, NY. New material developed for this course will be posted here.
  • Proposed Quick fixes for global climate warming
    Some of these are in the works.
  • Books by James Lovelock
    These five books are classics.
  • NetLogo model for Daisyworld #1
  • The skeptics
    Voices raised in opposition to the IPCC summary of 2007

  • New Material, 2009

    Update on the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) hypothesis
    Revised 31 December 2007 by Ralph